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IoTtech Software IoT approach

Whether you are manufacturing next-generation industrial products or a home/ office automation products, our IOT Division is capable of doing research and development work for you. We are using latest technologies and hardware for the development of products along with having in-house facility of development of app for the android and iOS handsets. Analytics is the need of the hour for the industries, offices and homes and we are capable of providing such analytics. Our IOT development services, which help you to seize the new opportunity and develop game-changing products that will drive your IOT, enabled product in the market and keep you ahead in competition. We work for industrial/ home / office solutions and provide related software solutions to control the smart products.


We Breathe Digitally. Let Us Do It For You.

Android App Development

IoTtech is an Android application development company well known all over the world of its quality.

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Solution to complicated requirement has been important aspect of our journey. We are makers of normal android app as well as IOT products with same ease. The expertise we have gives us edge over others.

IOS App Development

Our iOS app developers have the experience of working with clients across the world.

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Our iOS app developers have the experience of working with clients across the world. We have the proficiency of providing expert advice on how to enhance operational and functional efficiency with the help of our iOS app development solutions.

UI/UX Designing

Want to build your product with a team that follows a clear design process and delivers a spot-on result?

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Want to build your product with a team that follows a clear design process and delivers a spot-on result? Turn to IoTtech Software’s UI and UX services. Our team will help you build an appealing product easily and quickly.

Enterprise Solutions

For small business entities, we provide cost effective management of website, landing pages, e-commerce website etc. of best quality on reasonable time frame.

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We ensure web address of any company at its best visually, literally and having complete information. We keep you at par with changing time by giving CMS for complete website, payment gateway, communication etc.

Web Development

IoTtech covers complete web development services from beginning till final delivery and third-party testing.

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IoTtech covers complete web development services from beginning until final delivery and third party testing. IoTtech helps you to realize your composite requirements of enterprise web app development.


Digital era demands ERP solutions for all business entities. We give ERP solutions on all fields well integrated with IOT products.

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ERP is a School and industry management software that allows an organization to use a system of combined applications to manage the company and automate many back-office duties related to technology, services, and human resources.

Internet Of Things

We do research and development of smart product for home and gives industrial customized solutions to minimize running cost.

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A huge network of sensors and intelligent devices combined with advanced analytics and cloud services promises to augment many industry sectors. IoTtech software works with customers to understand and unlock the value of IoT.

Cross Plaforms

Our most popular product! Shared Web Hosting gives you a free domain name, fast SSD storage hosting.

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Our most popular product! Shared Web Hosting gives you a free domain name, fast SSD storage hosting .Our most popular product! Shared Web Hosting gives you a free domain name, fast SSD storage hostingOur most popular product!

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Benefits We Offer

We know that every business has a different software requirement and we provide them with a great variety of Software Development Services. We have addressed some of the core benefits, which are mentioned below.

We provide website, ERP, mobile app, software and app for smart IOT products.We take comprehensive approach for the work and use expertise in varied fields to make software unique in functionality and performance..

We ensure exact conversion of customer’s demand to reality i.e. software, whether it is required for small or large-scale systems, real-time big data processing, and cloudnative application development and many more in the same line.

We not only work as per design of customer, we offer other beneficial things to be incorporated in the software without extra cost also.


Strategies Focused On Increasing The Reach & Visibility Of Your Business.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the need of every successful business. The key objective of Digital Marketing is to promote brand and increase sales by different forms of digital media and tools available in the market.

Bussiness Growth

In digital era the process of drawing online consumers defines success of business. Tools and techniques of digital marketing give a extra edge over competitors and lead to a significant growth in the business.

Lead Genaration

Lead generation strategies are one of the best method to have more customers for their business to grow. Lead generation is the process involve sets of marketing activities starting with generating traffic, converting visitors into leads, and eventually converting those leads into customers.

Revenue Genaration

Digital marketing plays a bigger role to increase sales by providing higher conversion rates resulting up to 3 times better revenue growth for business. Digital marketing reduces cost of marketing also with bigger and targeted reach.

Sales & Marketing

Digital sales involves the use of virtual channels to reach out to potential customers and getting sold goods, hired services etc.Using digital tactics and technologies allows you to connect with the right buyer at the right time, in comparison to the traditional marketing systems.


Digital promotion involves display of specified contents of products or services or event etc. to reach according target audiences on digital social media, mobiles, TV and other electronic devices. Digital promotion is easiest way reach audience anytime-anywhere.


Our SEO services will deliver more growth to the business. Rankings for more extra keywords! More traffic, leads, and sales!


Communicate persuasively with billions of users on social media. Connect, share, interact and engage on one platform to build your brand.

Technology in Stack

what approach we are following

Affordable ERP

A full ERP to automate all your business processes end-to-end without heavy investment.

Complete Security

Assures an extremely secured environment with a crash recovery facility running 24x7.

Peace of Mind

Automatic software upgrades, regular data backup and 99.9% uptime with a Recovery plan.


Easy start-up with the tiniest number of users. Moreover, flexible enough to increase the number of licenses whenever required.