Ecommerce Solutions & Services

Online sales are booming, so, right time to launch your own e-commerce store, showcase your range of products and services and multiply sale. Be a part of trending business.

Content Management System (CMS)

Updating your ecommerce website with the latest content has never been so easy, with our CMS you can be your own boss. Benefits of having Content Management System:

  • Total Control : CMS gives you a complete control over the contents that you wish to show or hide on your website, it is easy because it can be used without the knowledge of any coding language.
  • Keep Your Website Fresh : Regularly updating the latest content, products, offers on your website always adds up in giving a newness every time a user come on to visit.
  • Scale the Page Addons : There is no limit to the number of pages you can create or add as you have the full access and authority to customise your website.
  • Power of Plugins : There are a number of third-party plugins both paid and free that help you manage, optimise and make your content SEO friendly with few clicks.
  • Multi User Support : CMS makes it possible for multiple number of users to work on the same website at the same time from different locations.
  • Improve Costumer Experience: Instant interactions with your clients via chats, feedback forms, quarry, pings by generating tickets and prioritising customer issues.

Our Ecommerce Solutions & Services

We offer Ecommerce services par excellence for designing, developing, hosting, marketing and analytics, across industry verticals around the globe.


The wrong hosting platform can adversely affect your operations and your growth. Spend more time generating sales and less on monitoring and maintaining your site. We suggest best platforms for hosting to go with and required security to block hacking possibilities. Having backup is always important and it should be so timed there should be no data loss. We offer multiple layers of security, unlimited bandwidth, and blazing fast speed.


If you want to integrate Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality you are at the right place. IOTtech ensures mobile app with visually attractiveness, smooth navigation, elegant class and complete customization and support. We offer E-commerce app development on native Android and iOS platforms with responsive designs and unmatched user experiences across devices. Hybrid mobile app made on flutter and react js is also created by us.


If you also offer your shoppers a mobile app, use our ASO services to drive app installs on Apple and Play Stores. Improving the visibility of apps inside an app store search engine such as Google Play or Apple App Store increases growth. By increasing impressions, you can support other goals such as traffic to your online app and downloads. Get analytics support from IOTtech to improve user expereince or expand user base.


Costs may vary with requirement and quality. IOTtech ensures reasonable assessment of cost for Ecommerce solution. With our cost-effective and comprehensive solutions, you get a completely customized solution with all required third party APIs integrations and multiple panels/tools to controls the ecommerce activity to increase your wealth.


First minute of user experience decides the success of portal or app. Our dedicated analysis and designing team always gives intuitive E-commerce storefront designs with custom templates. A clutter-free attractive front-end design with easy navigation for enhanced UI UX is the basis of success of platform and you will get unparallel design and navigation at IOTtech.


Your existing stores and data can be transferred to new portal and our experts help you seamlessly move from your commerce platforms and stores to the new, advanced E-commerce platforms by maintaining complete data integrity and security while moving the existing database to digital platforms. Changes should not disturb the continuity of buisness and we ensure complete data migration.


These days, people are getting used to the online effortless shopping. And, as a result, e-commerce is growing speedily in India. This reason is enough for the selection of a good payment gateway provider and option to select different types of online payment facilities. Easy payment method attracts customers so we help to choose best payment gateway providers.


By employing the best SEO techniques, we build a best ecommerce website, which is optimized for search engines and gives you better results across varied search engines. Special optimization for the top selling products of your store with an on-page and off-page Ecommerce SEO strategy that drives loads of organic traffic to your website.


Analytics is very important to understand performances of Ecommerce marketing campaigns. Analysis and making required changes time to time is give better results than the competitor. We combine our expertise in Ecommerce Analysis & Conversion Rate Optimization to get in-depth analysis and practical solutions to maximize sales.


Digital era has brought everybody to close to buy almost everything online. For a website with visually attractiveness, quality distribution of contents, smooth navigation, elegant class and complete customization by using advanced technologies and platforms like Magento, Shopify, Drupal, PrestaShop, OsCommerce, WooCommerce, IOTtech is the best solution provider to rely on.


Third party integrations improves the functionalities. As per requirement E-commerce integrations using REST and SOAP web API frameworks are also available. We support development of third-party CMS, CRM, ERP systems, etc. and if required support seamless integration with third party ERPs also.


Continuous communications with customers make major impact on returning customers. Well-targeted, personalized emails and texts to customers based on their shopping behaviour and activities improve convert visitors to customers. SMS and Whatsapp along with emails on the same platform provide a consistent, omnichannel enrich customer experience. IOTtech provides all kind of integrations.

Special Facilities for E-commerce Platform

E-wallet System, Referral Point, Cash Credit, Subscription System, Customer Experience, etc. are the Common facilities which bring more customer.

Customer experience

Providing details of previous purchases and applied current discounts or availability helps to increase sale. Previous searches also help customer to zero in the specific desired product and save time. Suggested goods on the basis of previous purchases and searches also give best result.

Referral Point

Nowadays, referral marketing is a strategy that encourages past customers to naturally tell others to buy your products or services. For Ecommerce referral marketing helps in increasing the customer base. A discount to customer and referrer can be offered.

Subscription System

Increasing trend of subscription based purchase for products and services online, make it a good option for E-commerce platform. Subscriptions based system covers replenishment of goods purchased, discounted price for members, cash back, free repairing etc.

E-wallet systems

Enabling your customers to use E-wallet facility will boost your conversion rate and sale. This facility not only provides customers to have money all the time to purchase but a sense of security and ease of use. This facility reduced the use of credit or debit card every time they want to purchase.

Cash credit

Giving some cash credit on purchases, which can be utilized with some limits on subsequent or future purchases. This facility makes customers to visit again and again to use such cash credits. Applying time limit in such cases increases number of visits. This helps Ecommerce platform to increase the customer base.

Refund & Replacement Policy

Customer satisfaction is important aspect of retaining the customers. Sometimes some of the goods delivered are not found up to the mark or got damaged during transportation. In such situation refund of amount or replacement of goods is very important to keep high level of customer satisfaction and rating of the company.

Mobile App for Ecommerce Platform

Android and iOS provide many flexible options for the app. Mobile App should have friendly checkout and integrated with various payment gateways allowing vendors to receive and accept mobile orders on the go. You can make an omnichannel strategy using an Ecommerce app. Adding mobile wallets and multiple payment gateways in your app makes seamless user experience. Virtual reality has made mobile app a platform of extraordinary use experience. Other benefits of using mobile app are:-

  1. Direct Communication
  2. Improves customer and vendor engagement
  3. Increase Brand Awareness
  4. Offers Unique Services
  5. Geo-Targeting Marketing
  6. Increases Customer Loyalty
  7. Boosts Brand Recognition
  8. Improves visibility

IOTtech uses all types of latest technology to give an app smooth connectivity, light weight storage, multiple media support, voice control, web browsing, messaging, multitasking, resizable widgets, multitouch, wifi, bluetooth, screen capture, multilanguage with multi-platform and multi-career support and above all facility to customize as you dream.