Android App Development

Android being one of the most widely used smartphone operating system and we help you develop flawless android apps with your own touch of identity to it.

Android App Development

Mobile apps play an important role in converting your big ideas in to small portable forms that can be easily accessed through anywhere.

Android is a fast-growing OS for smartphone devices, which is known for its every update

Since a large population uses android based devices, every mobile application needs to be frequently checked for new bugs reported by a versatile user base, thus, it is seen that android apps very often release app updates - fixing the issues addressed by its users, making it a popular choice for most mobile users out there. Google has been taking care of regular monthly security updates to keep the data and privacy of users intact.

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Why You Need Android Applications?

The most popular app is the app made on android. The world rely heavily on android apps and it is estimated that around 98 billion android apps have been downloaded and used. So, be the part of ever growing business community and get made android app now.

Easy to Adopt

Since it is the most widely use platform, which includes mobile, tablets, TVs, etc. it is much easier to use and implement the application at various platforms. Users gets the best customers experience.

Open Source

Android being an open source platform you can get developed many attrective features like virtual reality, payment gateway, etc. without the fear of being involved in any copyright issues.

Customizable UI

The flexibility and fluidity of android gives option to playing around with the user interface to match to your expectation with to provide the best user experience.

High ROI

The return of investment is high as everyone likes portable and easy access. Android application opens the best possible portable solution to your business.

Why Android App Development Company Needed?

Working with a company, which ensures that your project is accomplished with all the necessary fluidity and functioning that are crucial for development of a flawless software.


Fast App Development

When you hire a company for your project, the entire project is broken-down (everything from research, planning, building the framework etc.) and are handled by experts to ensure quality and on time delivery.


Engagement Model

The ability to get insights by involving clients in the different phasesof project is one great thing, which we insist always. Your feedback and suggestion during the work is in progress are valuable to the project.


Reasonable Price

Quality comes with a price and this is not an excuse but investing the right ideas at right time is very important to grow in the world of business.


Dedicated Team

From the point your project starts, a different team are allocated for different phases of the project, once the projectisaccomplished a technicalsupport team is also tagged for any future assistance and support.

Our Android Apps are
Not Restricted to Smartphones !

Android being widely used operating system we also help you develop apps that support different devices like mobile, tablet, TV, etc. that the users might prefer using.

Android Phone
Android Tablet
Android Wearable App
Android Game App
Android TV

Why choose IoTtech Softwares for
Android App Development?

Android Portfolio

We have a versatile portfolio of various android apps that have been developed for different clients with different requirements and so we have a great experience in building all possible kinds of apps, which includes VR and AI.

On-Time Delivery

Each project is planned and executed within a fixed schedule and so project is always delivered on time. Many times, we deliver the project before the date of delivery. Early delivery gives an option to test the app carefully.

Bug-Free Applications

Once a project is successfully accomplished goes through to various level of testing for bugs, the reported bugs are then fixed before the final delivery of the project ensuring a flawless mobile application.

Development Tools

We use the latest software technology out there to build your mobile application and ensure app should run without bug. We ensure third party integrations as required by the clients.

Hire Professional for Customized Android App Development Services

Android Native App Development

When it comes to development of a fully functional android applicationwe ensure that app should be very well in sync with the mobile hardware and for that native app is considered. It delivers reliable and fast performance as compared to a WebView application.

Android Hybrid App Development

There are times when the budget is too tight but you need to develop a mobile application that serves your purpose. Hybrid apps are combination of Web View and native application. It is much more cost effective as compared to a fully native app

Tools & Technical Stack

Android is a fast-growing OS for smartphone devices, which is known for its every update
  • Language

  • Java
  • Cotlin
  • C
  • C++
  • Python
  • Frameworks

  • Corona SDK
  • Xamarin
  • PhoneGap
  • Ionic
  • React Native
  • Sencha Touch
  • Versions

  • Android P
  • Android O
  • Android N
  • Android M
  • Tools

  • Android Studio
  • Android-IDE
  • Database

  • SQLite

Services We Provide
as Android Development Company

Android available as open source, gives smooth connectivity, light weight storage, multiple media support, web browsing, messaging, multitasking, resizable widgets, multitouch, wifi, bluetooth, screen capture, multi-language with multi-platform and multi-career support and above all facility to customize as you dream.

Android App Development
Android Game Development
Android Maintenance and Support
Android Wearable Development
Enterprise Android Apps
Android UI/UX Design
Android App for TV
Android App Integration

Our Integration Advances Your Apps Company

Payment Gateway
Banking Operation
Smart Products
Assets Identification
Facebook & Whatsapp
Email & SMS

Project Work Flow

E-Commerce App with payment

Communication App like
   whatsapp, Twitter

App for Smart Products (IOT

Image & Video Processing App

Virtual Reality based App

Finance & Banking App

Human Resource Management App

Office Management App

Lab Management App


This list is indicative only. Nothing is impossible and we actually create all types of apps, which are possible to create. Whether, you need bill payment solution or tracking of staff or vehicles, we provide as per your design and plan. IOTtech is the place to get your app equipped with Artificial Intelligence and virtual reality. As we are into research and development of IOT based smart products, so we have expertise in development of android app for effective control of smart product also. We deliver quality work and prefer quality deserving clients. Convert your dreams into reality with IOTtech.


  • Android Studio Tool
  • Android-IDE

Programming Language

  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • C
  • C++
  • Python

Many tools are available to improve, check and better the functionalities of the app. These are namely ADB, AVD Manager, Eclipse, Fabric, FlowUp, GameMaker: Studio, Genymotion, Gradle, IntelliJ Idea, Instabug, Leakcanary, NimbleDroid, Stetho, Unity3D etc. Many such tools are available, which can be used. So join with us to make your dreams true.

Android App Development

A Special team of Android developers work together for each project to get the best output within a time frame set for the project, the entire project is divided into planning, execution and testing to deliver a flawless application. There is no limit of latest technology, if you need VR or AI or integration with smart products, we are there for you.

Android App Development

Testing is one of the most important steps within the protocol of app development, that helps to rectify the bugs and problems, once all the bugs are fixed the app goes through final testing to make sure everything works perfectly. We ensure that app should fulfil the expectations of business for which it has been made. We appreciate your continuous involvement in the development and testing of app. Yours satisfaction is achieved by testing to finest level.

Planning, Development, Deployment & Cost Management

Find you App

You need to know the purpose of the app, target business segment, target customers and most important what problem your app is going to solve.

App Maintenance

Android phones are always upgraded. So, you need always support of maintenance team for smooth running of app. It will help you to expand the scope of business also.

App Design and Animation

Get your app designed according to your buisness plan. Your business experience, vision and expertise are very important for designing and required animation.


Involving with app planning and development process is important as it will help you get perfect app as you wish. Your ambition and vision cannot be matched by others so involve yourself in the process.

Analysis and Scoping

Now analyze future of your app in comparison to existing apps in the same business segments and how you are going to tackle the obstacles you are expected to face. This will help you to decide roadmap.

App Platform and Deployment

There are many platforms to deploy your android app like: Google Play Store, Amazon Appstore, Aptoide, APK Mirror, XDA Labs etc. Anyone can be chosen. Most popular platform is Google Play Store.


Check carefully visuals, workflow, fonts, style treatments, color scheme, padding between data, icon design, and navigation and interactivity of your app. The accuracy of your mobile app functionality is critical to its success.

App Promotion

Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your app against that of your competitors and points on which you can pitch in the market. Our Digital Marketing division will help you to market your app to get maximum downloads.

Data Management

Ensure all data of your business should be secured and updated according to business. Updating of data and records should be done timely and accurately. The data of you buisness gives insight about the future plan of the buisness.