Smart Home, Health, Agri & Industrial Products

Industry 4.0 revolution is going to change everything around you so be a part of revolution with IOTtech Group.

Smart Home, Health, Agri & Industrial Products

We are manufacturer of mobile app controlled Wi-Fi, BLE, Lora, and wire based Smart Fan Controller, Panic Alert System, Water Tank Management System, and Smart Irrigation System. We assist industries with PLC and SCADA based customized solutions.

Industry 4.0 revolution: Digitally control all your mechanical activities around you with IOTtech

The First Industrial Revolution used water and steam power to mechanize production. The Second used electric power to create mass production. The Third used electronics and information technology to automate production and fourth Industrial Revolution is building on the platform of third revolution. The fourth revolution is going towards merger of technologies among the physical, digital, and biological spheres. The Fourth is evolving at an exponential pace rather than a linear. Continuous innovative technological breakthroughs in fields of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, robotics, the Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles, 3-D printing, nanotechnology, biotechnology, materials science, energy storage, and quantum computing will going to transform every aspect of human kind.

Be smart. Change your old system or control your old system with smart device made by IOTtech. Contact now for complete customization.

What we provide for Home Automation?

After months of research on advance technologies, we have developed Wi-Fi based Smart Fan Control, Water Tank Management System and Panic Alert System for you old parents.

IOTtech Smart Fan Control

This Smart Fan Control can be fitted into any old or new regular non-smart fan with ease and can be controlled by mobile app from anywhere. Real time update of heat and humidity of the room on the app. It adjusted speed according to heat and humidity. Timer for switching on and off the fan. Facility to access any fan by family members and allowing fan access of guest room to guest only

IOTtech Smart Water Tank Management System

Our water tank management system is an asset to every house, which provides hassle free water management. Once installed always check available water in your tank, daily consumption of water, time of supply of water, quality of water, Ph of water and many more as you need on your mobile. Whatever type of water system, number of water tanks you have, we have solution for that. Place your order.

IOTtech Panic Alert System

This product is most needed for the old persons, whose children are living far away from parents and if parents are living in flats or old person’s accommodation. Get general alert and panic alert from anywhere in the world. Save parents/ old persons at the time of crisis. Panic alert is sent to all connected family members and related doctors for immediate response from them.

IOTtech Smart Multicolour & Dimming Light

IOTtech Smart Multicolour & Dimming Light will set your room with dream colours of yours with static and dynamic colour display mechanism. Set all IOTtech led bulbs for separate colours or common colour as you wish according to room. Option to dim the ligt during sleep with desired colour to have extraordinary feel. Change your environment of room according to mood.

Upcoming IOTtech Smart Product: Curtain and blinds Controller

This is part of complete home automation. So one can control all curtains and blinds through single app. Control your curtain and blinds in the direction from left to right or top to bottom. Schedule time to control the curtain and blinds according to your need, requirement of light and in combination of other IOTtech Smart Products.

Upcoming IOTtech Smart Product: Geyser Controller

Set the desired temperature and schedule time to make geyser on. Do not wait just be ready in time with desired temperature of water. Do not be worried if you left your geyser on, just put off the switch from anywhere. Get alert on mobile on getting desired temperature. Convert your existing geyser into smart geyser save electricity, money and enjoy this season.

What we provide for Health Automation?

After months of research on advance technologies, we have developed non-invasive GLUCOMETER aand BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR.

Upcoming IOTtech Smart Product: Noninvasive Glucometer

Our team of researchers are working day and night to make reasonably priced noninvasive glucometer. As no pricking will be required with noninvasive glucometer, it will be handy to monitor glucose level. IOTtech is committed to bring an economical glucometer with complete history of data recording and alert mechanism.

Upcoming IOTtech Smart Product: Oxymeter with BP Monitor

Another upcoming product in health sector is Oxymeter with BP Monitor. So it would be very easy to use with the facility to keep all data of oxygen level, heart rate, blood pressure etc. in hand for proper monitoring of health by the doctors. Comprehensive IOTtech Health app with total customized data management for each family members with alert mechanism.

What we provide for Agriculture Automation?

We are ready with SUBMERSIBLE CONTROLLER and AUTOMATIC IRRIGATION SYSTEM after months of research and experiments.

IOTtech Smart Submersible Control

This Smart Submersible Control enables farmers to switch off and on the pump from anywhere. Notification on mobile app of electricity availability and non availability to go for manual control. Data history is available on app related to electricity availability and non availability along with temperature and humidity status to decide requirement of irrigation.

IOTtech Smart Auto Irrigation System

This sytem virtually makes irrigation hassle free & tension free. This system decide itself requirement of irrigation by going through soil condition, temperature, humidity, climate, crop and requirement of water. Complete solution for piped or sprinkled irrigation. All the functions are app controlled, so that irrigation can be shifted to manual control or through app.

What we provide for industry automation?

IoT technologies have brought huge benefits for manufacturing, transport, oil and gas, healthcare, Aggrotech, energy and utilities sectors. Many businesses are turning to technology that utilizes the Internet of Things (IoT) to make workplaces safer and reduce costs. There are many devices based on IoT, which work and collect data without human interaction enabling staff to work on worthwhile projects. Get IOTtech solutions for industry and office automation.


Smart Light, Climate, inventory, tracking and Security System

Smart auto control system manages natural light, LED light, Fan, AC, heat and humidity to reduce cost of electricity. Industrial and office premises with these facilities not only improves work capacity of staff but saves a lot of money also. A smart security system from door sensors to wireless CCTV footage, helps you to customize, monitor, and manage your security systems anywhere, at any time, from your mobile phone. Latest technology has made stock maintenance and inventory tracking automatic and very easy. IOTtech has expertise on technology for smart light, fan control, climate control, facial recognition, RFID tracking etc.


Advanced Robotics, PLC & SCADA based monitoring

The robot’s actions are controlled by a combination of programming software, data processing and controls. Uses of robotics helps in regular manufacturing, dangerous, dirty and/or repetitive tasks with consistent precision, accuracy, flexibility, speed and low cost. Robots are used in load building, manufacturing, quality control, transportation, warehousing and other variety of ways. PLC and SCADA are both used to monitor and control equipment across many different industries, such as telecommunications, water and waste control, energy, oil and gas, and transportation get advantages including increased reliability, reduced costs, improved worker safety, greater customer satisfaction and improved utilization. Get solutions from IOTtech for Robotics, PLC & SCADA based monitoring.


Health Care monitoring

IoT has applications in healthcare that benefit patients, families, physicians, hospitals and insurance companies. Nowadays remote monitoring in the healthcare sector is possible due to Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled devices, which have made, unleashing the potential to keep patients safe and healthy, and empowering physicians to deliver superlative care. Devices in the form of wearables like fitness bands and other wirelessly connected devices like blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor, glucometer etc. give patients access to personalized attention. Technology has evolved so much that nowadays robotic surgery is being performed. IOTtech now ready with tech of real time virtual data on app with alert mechanism for patients & doctors. Company is working on non-invasive glucometer and very soon will be available in the market.


Smart Agriculture System

According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization the world will need to produce 70% more food in 2050 than it did in 2006. To achieve this target every country needs to adopt new technologies to produce more. IoT-enabled agriculture gives insights to farmers to have well informed decision to monitor their product and conditions in real-time. Additionally, it gives requirement based auto-irrigation, water PH monitoring, utilization of fertilizers, status of crops and robotic harvesting. Data driven agriculture is the need of the hour to maximize the goo quality crop yield. IOTtech provides completely hassle free auto-irrigation systems, so that farmers can have enough time to work on other things also.

The Products and Technology of
IOTtech Available

Android being widely used operating system we also help you develop apps that support different devices like mobile, tablet, TV, etc. that the users might prefer using.

Why choose IOTtech
Smart Products?

Inhouse Comprehensive development

We are not dependent on any other company for any part of research & development of smart product. We have separate teams for development of software for the circuitry, deployment on server, mobile app and web portal. We provide complete customized solution.

Latest Technology & Quality Control

We believe in the products, which speaks about the company. Best quality with better price. As such every component is specifically and carefully chosen to make the product. Alexa, Google Assist and voice command on mobile work smoothly with our tech. There is no compromise in quality of components used.

Artificial Intelligence Controlled

Our products understand your preferences, decide and apply best option or give most suitable options to choose on the given situation to get maximum desired result. Facility to control various features and data of the uses and products.

Continuous Research

There is always a scope for improvement. We continuously monitor the feedback and improve existing product to make future version more useful. Ease of use is the principle of every product of IOTtech. Join the smart revolution with IOTtech Smart Products and make life more happier.

Hire IOTtech Smart Products for customized Industrial smart solutions

Android/IOS Native App Development

Get customized electronic and Artificial Intelligence software solutions like SCADA for any kind of industrial automation, including PLC for machines, system for energy efficiency, data management with analytics etc.

Hybrid App Development

Get completely customized smart home solutions for water tank management, lighting, doors, windows, curtains, fan with climate control for individual flat, multi floor flats, society and building projects.

Smart Control through Mobile

Everybody wants single remote control for all your devices and IOTtech makes it possible.
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Customized solution for
specific IOT enabled Smart Controls

For many situations you need customized solution as no industry provides generalized smart solution to specific need. IOTtech being expert in research and development of smart solutions, we provide completely customized solutions for specific needs of any house, business and industries. Some of the products, which require specific customization are listed.

Water Tank Management

Whether you have 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or more upper tanks, whether water is supplied through municipality or submersible pump, whether you have 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or more underground or lower tanks, whether you separate system for drinking or R O water, we are always ready to provide complete solution for any type of system.

Smart Irrigation

Whether you have field to the size from one acre to many acres, we can irrigate automatically with less human interventions. If you want to irrigate water in field up to some level or in a furrow or a combination of both, we provide hassle free irrigation system.

Greenhouse Automation System

Greenhouse automation system for controlled climate conditions is most advanced way of crop cultivation.The future of agriculture lies in such use of technologies. If you are planning get solution from us.

PLC and Scada Solutions

Modernization of manufacturing process involves a lot of data analysis and for this purpose every industry need PLC and SCADA solutions. IOTtech provides you solutions even for some of the old machines also.

Industrial Lighting & Climate Control

Use technologies to control the light and climate to maintain pleasant temperature, light and humidity to get maximum output from staff and save energy. Automation saves times improves the speed of production.

Avoid Human Involvement at Dangerous Places

In accident prone or in dangerous environment areas where chemical are used, using complete robot or half robot or IOT enabled device is the best solution. So, why to wait, modernize your industry with small step by making changes one by one. Use our expert advice and solutions.

Software and System Integration of various types of machinery and products with analytics

Digital Data Control

Go for paperless manufacturing and digital control of the production. Automatic digital recording of all data provides at once and helps in perfect decision making in manufacturing execution system (MES).

Digital Analytics

Analytics based on data of each product and production process gives perfect insight for the production plan to achieve maximum output without compromising the product quality. You need quality analytics for standardization of processes.

Equipment Automation

Equipment automation helps in controlling the actions of the manufacturing equipment through validation of all prerequisites and parameters for the production process to get seamless product.

Auto Error Finding

Digital data recording helps in finding smallest error or deviation from set parameters through alert mechanism. So, avoid huge losses by using auto stop process.

Tool Management

Wear and tear is part and parcel of manufacturing process and applying life of tools in data calculation gives alert timely for future changes to manage production plan in a better way.

Iot Compatibility

At each step in its process flow, material needs to be processed on some equipment. Automation can ensure that it is the correct equipment. Automation handles this by checking with the tracking system (often an MES) to verify that the equipment is valid for a lot of a given product type at a given step in its process flow.