School Management ERP

With the fast pace of growing technology, the traditional ways of Managing your school has also changed over time. Now schools use ERP for keeping up all the records and data associated to the school business.


With IOTtech School ERP, manage all the tedious school tasks with few clicks, maintain records and generate all the important certificates and documents are possible in bulk as well.

You can easily send all the notifications to parents like daily attendance, homework, assignment, notes, fee reminders, academic reports, circulars, notices, etc.

Communicate information across all the people associated with your school with ease.

IOTtech school also helps you in Monitoring the child’s academic performance and helping them to overcome the weak areas.

Facility to upload videos for students

Facility to upload educational videos to specified students of specific schools is available separately and with School ERP on demand. This makes education available 24x7 to the students.

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Take online live classes for your students

You want to take online classes for your students. We are coming up with very easy solution separately as well as with School ERP on demand.


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