Video Marketing Services

Get advantage of our world-class, cost-effective video production and marketing capabilities of IOTtech for impactful videos/ animations within budget and result oriented deployment for marketing.

Build your viewership with video SEO

  • Make your brand exclusively known in the various video platforms.
  • Increase reachability of your video to the larger number of audiences.

Expand your brand in various video platforms

There are many video streaming platforms available like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. which are getting popularity. From creating an account, creating a channel, developing a promotional flyer and videos, we solve all your problems of digital marketing. Visual impact is more powerful influencer than any other thing. We not only help in making of videos and animation but do the SEO to place the video on top of search table. We first do the product analysis and create the concept and design of promotional video so that curiosity of audience should reach at the level, which convert them as potential clients. Contact us for a complete solutions.

Increase reachability of your videos

Nowadays video based platforms are too popular and everybody is interested in watching videos instead of reading the lengthy write-ups of anything. Even, search engines of various platforms pull out more videos. Expand your brand presence and viewership base with the help of highly-demanded YouTube marketing services. We at IOTtech provide the exclusive promotion services to get good growth of your channel which is in the business or non-business fields. This marketing service has the potential to reach beyond the boundaries of countries. Our digital marketing specialists provide the engagement, likes, views, shares and conversions regarding your video to lead and guide you to the right place. We, being your social media partner, effectively enhance search ability of videos on this most popular platform by offering the unmatched YouTube marketing services.

Benefits of Video SEO

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Increase Subscribers

Videos are becoming more popular day by day due to low cost of internet facilities. Good quality video gives you a boost in rankings, which allows more people to see your site. With good quality content on your site and good quality videos along with well supported by SEO make you among the front runners. SEO will rank your video and channel at the top ranks, which ultimately gives you a lot of customers.

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Increase Views

You need to create videos with compelling content that will engage viewer. Good quality representative videos fetch more viewership. To achieve the goal of high number of customers, first you need to increase viewership and for that purpose you need IOTtech for better SEO. As far as SEO is concerned rankings and traffic actually go hand-in-hand. when it comes to SEO. If one goes up it will usually affect the other, and vice versa.

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Increase Comments

There are a few inherent advantages to having comments on your blog or video channel to boost your SEO. Comments section of your blog or channel or website is a goldmine of potential LSI keywords and free content that can boost your contents rankings. When visitors leave comments, follows etc. Google takes notice. With video contents, it’s easy to encourage visitors to get website interaction. Ask people to leave a comment or share the views about the product or video. The comments sometimes offer substantial info about the video or blog.

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Increase Likes

Likes and dislikes are among the hundreds of signals that YouTube considers for ranking. If viewers are responding to the video with likes and comments, YouTube is more likely to promote it. Their recommendation system learns whether or not viewers are choosing to watch a video. It is also beneficial to use text to convey details on the blog or videos to provide as an alternative and seeks likes. Getting a lot of likes and comments can play an important role in getting a video ranked higher.

How We Will Work For You

Video SEO is the sequential application of SEO tools for optimizing video to be indexed and ranked higher on the search engine results pages. In other words video SEO utilises technical and creative adjustments to video and related contents to increase traffic to video. There are many optimization strategies to give your videos a higher ranking.

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Selection of Right Key Words

We conduct a thorough research to select the right keywords to be used on various platforms according to the subject of video to drive in better results on video ranking. Using video titles, video thumbnails and captions based on right keywords bring higher search ranking.

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Optimization of the video created

Everyone expects that viewer will land on his / her video channel, explore and interact with more content, subscribe to the channel, and become a part of community. To get all this SEO can improve by optimizing your video contents, title, description, tags, and channel.

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Video promotional Strategies

Using SEO-friendly title, reach out to interested audiences on other platforms, create backlinks, work with influencers, paying attention to channel’s analytics, using featured videos, keeping the length of video according to subject and users response etc. help to get high rank. IOTtech ensure all round applications of all important tools to make your video ranked higher.

Our Pricing Package Comparision

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YouTube Channel Creation (If Not Setup)

Optimize YouTube Channel (Design, Image, Editing, Resizing, & Customizing

Branded Content Writing for YouTube Channel (In words)

225 500 700 1000

Video Channel Analysis (If Already Exist)

Existing Videos Analysis (If Already Exist)

YouTube Keyword Research

Baseline Ranking

Off-Page & Video Optimization

Embedding/Sharing Videos on Q&A


Guest Post Writing and Updating

Embedding/Sharing Videos in Guest Posts

Social Bookmarking

Video Submissions

Article Writing and Submission

Blog Post Writing and Updation

Embedding Videos in Articles/Blogs

Social Sharing or Videos and Blog

Q&As and Forums

Video Title Optimization

Video Description Optimization

Video Tags Optimization

Channel Tags Optimization

Suggestions for Video Cards and Other (Recommendations Only)

Suggestions for Video Embedding (Within the Website)

Reporting & Support

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