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Why us for smart home, office & industrial devices?’

Whether you're manufacturing next-generation industrial products or a home/ office automation products, our IOT Division is capable of doing research and development work for you. We are using latest technologies and hardware for the development of products along with having in-house facility of development of app for the android and iOS handsets. Analytics is the need of the hour for the industries, offices and homes and we are capable of providing such analytics. Our IOT development services which help you to seize the new opportunity and develop game-changing products that will drive your IOT enabled product in the market and keep you ahead in competition. We work for industrial/ home / office solutions and provide related software solutions to control the smart products.

How IOT Make Life Easy



You might want a speed of your liking, which conventional fan with five speed levels cannot provide, the smart fan by IOTtech Software’s lets users adjust the speed as per their convenience. The IOTtech Smart app, available for download on Android and IOS devices gives you many surprising features like auto-adjustment of speed according to the room temperature and humidity, so IOTtech fans are climate smart fans. Smart facility of auto switches off/on according to fall/ rise in temperature will help to get your smart fan synchronized with Air Conditioners installed in the room making your home real smart home. In addition, all kinds of modes to control the speed of the smart fan are available.


IOTtech software provides an intelligent home lighting automation solution for control of all kind of lightings by using software and communication network to give you greater control and automation of your lights. You can set your time to switch on / off and dim the light. Our android/ IOS app modules work for both LED and legacy lights so that you can start enjoying reduced maintenance costs with remote or automatic light management. IOTtech is the smart app on your smart phone device that provides you a facility for home control through Bluetooth, Internet, Wi-Fi, Amazon Alexa and Google Assist.


IOTtech software provides an intelligent home control security system that works on Wi-Fi enabled smart lock marketed around the world. The device permit for keyless entry and remote monitoring, along with the charming ability to be remotely bricked. IOTtech software is transforming, streamlining, and simplifying all devices of home control in the utility industry on gates, entry points, tool cabinets, valves, lockers, vehicles, and beyond. Users now with technology of IOTtech Software’s open locks from their phones and have 100% visibility at every entry/exit point. This feature makes your home / office / industry / any premises digitally secured. By smart home control of the locks from anywhere and anytime everyone feels the benefits of the IOTtech security platform.

Camera Control

CCTV systems based on Internet of Things has many advantages over traditional CCTV systems. Now you can control the camera remotely and view the happenings from anywhere in the world. This type of camera can detect motion and can raise alarm on unidentified situations. It enhances security level up to another level


IOTtech software is one of the most emerging technologies nowadays and it is starting to be clear for everyone that we move towards smart home India, smart houses, smart living by using smart devices. IOTtech to drive growth in future home control like Geyser as products that are designed and built with sensor technologies that will communicate using the internet, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi for controlling automatically the temperature, ON/OFF and time adjustment. This will make easy to schedule the timing for getting hot water of specified temperature at given time.


A smart automation system for curtains can help you to open and close your curtains directly from the IOTtech App. You can choose to install app for one or more curtains and even set how far they should be opened. You can also set timers to open and close them at a fixed time of interval. IOTtech home control system works on all your horizontally/ vertically operational curtains. Imagine waking up with natural light on scheduled time and so much more with smart home technology.


IOTtech software brings you an Automatic irrigation system which switches the pump motor ON/OFF on sensing the moisture content of the soil. In the field of agriculture, the use of the proper method of irrigation is important. that's why our industry automation system brings a perfect solution for irrigation. Soil moisture control, wireless ON/OFF through mobile, Schedule ON/OFF, and Moisture parameter control for the individual requirement of plant is some of the key features of IOTtech software Automatic irrigation system.

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