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Higher productivity

You are running small business or big business you need ERP business software. Availability of all related data of business helps to streamline and automate your business processes to help everyone in your organization to get maximum output with fewer resources. Being an ERP software development company Team IOTtech ensures maximum interest of clients.

Better insights

Having complete information for analysis always gives a better insight into the process and problems to be rectified. ERP software is now the necessities for effective business decisions. This ERP system simply helps with communication among all at the workplace.

Instant availability of reports

Best ERP software solutions includes immediate business and financial reporting and results, which let you have an opportunity to improve performance in real-time.

Complete control

Best ERP Software brings all parts of the business into one single window with a wide database or Information system. Maximum business visibility and control gives you a facility to be compliant with regulatory requirements, anticipate risk and plan to prevent risk.

Improved agility

With effective operations and ready access to real-time data, you can immediately identify and react to new opportunities.

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If you are taking extra time to manage key activities, you need ERP. If you are not getting answers to your business questions, you need ERP. If you are not able to plan your business process, you need ERP. The ‘Team IOTtech’ has delivered the highest standard of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software which can deliver an integrated suite of business applications in finance, HR, distribution, manufacturing, service, and the supply chain. A common process of data by way of broad and deep end-to-end operations is the need of the hour. ERP applications automate and support a range of administrative and operational business processes across multiple industries, including the line of business, customer-facing, administrative and asset management aspects of an enterprise.


ERP software solutions gives benefits in cost savings, business process efficiency, as a business process platform for process standardization and as a catalyst for business innovation. Business Resource Planning now involves ERP, which is a champion among the most typically used Software Systems in a couple of endeavours and affiliations. ERP business system execution gets the ultimate objective to enhance the relationship in resource Planning, control of operations, and control of Management. An ERP business system joins the business processes and speeds up the process to get systems to work to the optimum level.


We are among the top ERP software companies, who work for the satisfaction of the clients. Team IOTtech provides ERP software with the customized website for growing business features you need to cover for the growth of a business. To achieve all these features, you need specifically trained experts and Team IOTtech provides heavy-duty ERP program. Team IOTtech will give you a better understanding and comprehensive ERP system and guide you on every step of the making of ERP.


Accounting and finance

Improve productivity with accounting software available with IOTtech ERP solution. Take care of all your finance/accounting needs with quick and precise accounting software in India. Calculate ROI, payroll expenses, etc. at the click of a button.

Business acumen and reporting

Receive insightful and inherent reports for the most complex and challenging to interpret business data with our ERP software for SME. Further, business intelligence reporting to help assess key metrics and KPIs make IOTtech an advanced project management software.

Inventory management and warehousing

An up-to-date inventory is one of the crucial aspects of successful sales and customer management. IOTtech not only enables real-time inventory tracking but also boosts business process improvement across diverse operations.

Purchasing and supplier management

Provide your sales team with the accurate and modernized purchase and supply data through our certified business process development ERP software. Stop worrying about effective and accurate tracking of purchase and supply data.

HR and payroll

With the best accounting software in India at your order, maintaining payroll and HR becomes smooth and hassle-free. Get rid of payroll redundancies and enhance productivity with the best accounting software.

Sales and customer management

IOTtech is one of the leading ERP solutions in India to improve business and productivity with efficient customer and sales management. Instant access and tracking of inventory, stocks, purchase/sales data, etc.

Key Features of ERP

Admission Management
Teacher Management
Staff Management
Attendance Management
Communication Management
Fee Management
Report & Dashboards
Examination Management

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