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Android Application development

IOTtech Softwares is extremely effective worldwide due to our software specialists who have given phenomenal advanced solutions for our customers. Our android division has delivered flawless, easy to use and representing true characteristics of the products or services applications to our client. Our Remarkable android developermaking us leading mobile app development company in Delhi.

Significance of the Android

Android is the most popular standout operating system. Android application development is becoming essential for all new or old established businesses, who want to reach the mass through advertisement plans look up to android. Being the only platform for providing the highest level of customer service due to the biggest smartphone user base, the use of android platforms of prime importance. The IOTtech has kept the reputation to provide benefits to the customers in the field of Android mobile application development is very easy to understand functionalities. Around fifty percent of the marketplace is known to be covered by the android. Therefore, android is the favourable platform to reach out to the larger group of customers for their mobile application than any other platform can provide.

Our expertise in android application development.

The IOTtech helps you to get your application to cover every aspect of your business. Our team is updated with the latest technological development and has an understanding of the market requirements, making us among top 10 app makers. As such providing perfect app according to the need of the customers with or without web app benefits according to the need of the customers is the motto of team IOTtech. The IOTtech gives you the chance to working alongside android developer to convey the requirements and better understanding of the making of the app.

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Why IOTtech.

IOTtech is one of the best choices for android app development services since we offer practical, easy to use app design, customized mobile app development services. Our team of application development has vast technical knowledge, capabilities which make them achieve the target. We suggest our customers according to our experience for the creation of the best app. We provide full security features to the app of our customers. Our team of experienced android app builder who can satisfy any criteria that you have. IOTtech is a place where inspiration and imagination of customers are brought to life in the form of a mobile app. The team that is selected by the organization is best in this field since it is equipped with latest android technologies.

App Development Our Process

Defining a Clear Goal

We sit with you and clearly define the mission and Vision of the App.

Wireframe Creation of the APP

Your Ideas and features takes a clearer picture with wireframe creation

Mobile App Back-End Development

Defining the Backend- Structure

Setting up the back-end and creation of building block of an app

Management of Users

Managing users accounts and their authentication

Server Side Logic

A server side logic is developed that is used to create the back end of the app.

Customization of User Experience

The customization of user experience decides how a user goes through the entire application.

Data Integration

It allows users to access and share information to 3rd party websites such as social networking sites.

Push NotificationServices

Development of push notifications services that engage the user with the app.

Mobile App Front- End Development

Caching of Data

Creation of services that store the data locally to improve the speed of the app.

Synchronization of App Data

UI is designed and then translated into functioning user interface that is ready to be implanted on the app.

Mock ups and Wire Framing

Mock-ups and wireframing helps to give a clear picture as to how the app will function and look.

UI Design and Development

UI is designed and then translated into functioning user interface that is ready to be implanted on the app.

UI Improvements

We revisit the Ui and make sure all the improvements that are required are done.


Quality assurance phase finds out the bugs and remove them to make the perfect app

Services in Android App Development

  • Custom Android app development
  • Android widget development
  • Android web application development
  • Android API customization
  • Android game development
  • Android application support & maintenance
  • Android app testing services
  • Porting to different Android platforms
  • Android healthcare application development

Tools And Technologies

IOTtech Softwares is using native Android SDK and hybrid SDK which includes native packages and support libraries provided by Google Software development kit. We are using Android Studio (IDE) to develop Android applications which are hosted by Google playstore. Along with Native Android kit, we are using the framework developed by IOTtech Softwares Technologies to support developers to carry out robust functioning and concrete application which also improves user engagement and efficiency along with the performance. Following are the versions:

Our Projects